Chesapeake Wine Company

          2400 Boston Street - Baltimore Maryland - 21224

410-522-4556 - email us!

Chesapeake Wine Company is a wine/beer/spirit/gourmet snack shop with a full-service bar in the middle of it.

Every item is hand-picked - tasted by me - if I like it, it gets in. Every tasting note on the shelf is written by me. You will never see a score, or a review from an outside publication. Looking for big brands? Sorry, you will not find many here - we work mostly with small wineries (and importers), many of whom we know personally. If you do not see your favorite, do not be insulted! What you see in CWC is a selection of some of the best things I have tasted - it is a personal selection. But do not worry - we are great at finding something that you will love!  

- Mitchell Pressman, owner and main wine guy.

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